Puck Naked Solid Lotion

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You asked for it and we listened – Puck Naked Solid Lotion is all the goodness of our original The Puck Solid Lotion, but without the natural chocolatey cocoa scent. Pure and simple – this is the perfect unscented solid lotion!
Formulated with only the best stuff to help add moisture back to dry skin without any water to evaporate and dry your skin out. We’re talking quick-absorbing safflower oil, natural beeswax, moisturizing refined cocoa butter, and luscious kokum butter. Need we say more?
Scent: Nope. Puck Naked Solid Lotion is fragrance free. We used deodorized, refined cocoa butter in this formula to eliminate the natural scent found in the original.
Color: No color added. Just a creamy, dreamy ivory-colored balm up in here.
Fun fact: Kokum butter is known for its emollient and regenerative qualities, which makes it an ideal ingredient in skincare products. It has an incredibly balanced fatty acid profile, too, creating a nutrient-rich moisturizer.
How to use: Puck Naked Solid Lotion comes in a metal tin with a screw-on lid so you can always take it with you. Scrape out a bit of lotion using the back of a fingernail. Let it warm and melt a bit in your hand. It melts on its own with your body heat. Rub it well into your skin. Give it a few minutes to fully soak in. Sit back and enjoy your soft, supple skin!


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Weight 3 oz


3 reviews for Puck Naked Solid Lotion

  1. Michele M. (verified owner)

    This solid protectant has been a God-send with the extreme hand washing during this quarantine!!! I always use it just before doing dishes too just for an added layer of protection. EXCELLENT for gardeners, too.

  2. Wendy Cort (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A hand and heel and elbow saver. A little goes a long way. I want to try the lavender one next time.

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