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Before I get into what the Good Stuff Community is all about (because it’s a biggie to me), let’s get down and dirty with some soap talk. So there’s a billion options out there for how to get your body clean. Lots of big companies will sell you cheap synthetic detergent bars full o’ ingredients you may (or may not) care about. Of course, I have a horse in this race…I really want you to use my products. Fresha Soap handmade goat milk soaps are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

The thing is, to me, this whole Fresha Soap thing is about more than just making awesome bath stuff. Let me explain.

I’m a one-woman operation. Like a micro-sized small business. I make everything myself, by hand, in small batches. My test group is large and brutally honest. It’s taken years to get my recipes right and I’m still learning daily the best ways to improve. Fresha Soap was created with healthy doses of humility, humor, grace, and more than a few tears and sleepless nights.

Community is everything.

The Number 1 biggest thing…The Thing That Keeps Me Going…is being part of my community.

Not only the huge “maker” community or even the soapers of the world, but my local community. The global community. It’s important for me to be part of something good. Fresha Soap is my attempt at creating my own “something good” community. We’re all in this together!

Our goals are big.

This Good Stuff Community, as I fondly call it, goes beyond you and me. Fresha Soap supports Little Free 614 Pantry by providing free soaps to neighbors in my community. The Mini Pantry movement is so awesome. I encourage everyone to check it out, be inspired, and get involved!

Cleanliness and hygiene should not be luxuries. They should be rights for all people. I feel lead to begin these efforts in my own back yard and do what I can to help provide a basic necessity to those who need a little help. Every time you “give a little extra“, ¬†your generosity allows me to make and donate soap to my neighbors in need.

Thanks for being part of the Good Stuff Community!

Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.