Puck Calm Balm Solid Lotion

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Puck Calm Balm Solid Lotion is a whole mood for all of us who need to revive our dry, overwashed hands and get #serenitynow. And that’s pretty much all of us right now, ammirite? Lightly scented with natural lavender essential oil, Puck Calm Balm is the newest in our Puck solid lotion collection.

Formulated with only the best stuff to help add moisture back to dry skin without any water to evaporate and dry your skin out. We’re talking quick-absorbing safflower oil, natural beeswax, moisturizing refined cocoa butter, luscious kokum butter, and soothing lavender essential oil. I can’t lie. It’s pretty perfect.
Scent: The best lavender ever! Puck Calm Solid Lotion balm uses the same base as Puck Naked but with the addition of natural lavender essential oil for a gorgeous, soothing fragrance.

Color: No color added. Just a creamy, dreamy balm up in here.

Fun fact: The Serenity Now…Easily one of the best episodes of Seinfeld ever and absolutely one of my favorites! Serenity now and always, Jerry Stiller. Legend.
How to use: Puck Calm Balm Solid Lotion comes in a metal tin with a screw-on lid so you can always take it with you. Scrape out a bit of lotion using the back of a fingernail. Let it warm and melt a bit in your hand. It melts on its own with your body heat. Rub it well into your skin. Give it a few minutes to fully soak in. Sit back and enjoy your soft, supple skin!

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Weight 3 oz


3 reviews for Puck Calm Balm Solid Lotion

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Puck Calm – what an excellent added Puck! It smells amazing – and because it is real lavender it has really helped keep me calm during this pandemic!

    I love Fresha pucks because they really protect my hands from chapping with washing my hands so much these days!

    GREAT for gardeners’ hands, too!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not just for hands – it’s for elbows, heels – really protects hands washed often or in detergent a lot. An amazing product, really.

    Coupled with the Lavender Shea Vegan soap – makes a perfect little gift set!! 5 Stars.

  3. Michele M.

    OK. I am telling you my hands look ten years younger using this every night. It’s a bit greasy (doing all its miracle healing) so I use a round-ended 6 inch metal ruler I keep in my pencil cup and scrap it out of the tin and use the ruler to “frost” the tops of my hands. I don’t like to get it under my nails, and using my little scraping tool keeps things nice and perfect for me. I am telling you a tin lasts FOREVER and my hands are so soft! And I am always washing and scrubbing – this stuff is amazing and I will use it forever.
    VERY Well done, Fresha!!

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