Welcome awesome soap-loving champions of all things clean.
My tribe of soapy superstars…

Hey! I’m Evelyn, Chief Maker of Awesome Bath Stuff at Fresha Soap.

This is my story.

Why soap?

When I was a kid, I remember my grandma making soap in her kitchen. She made these soap balls from every last little bit of soap she could. They all went into a tiny wicker basket and I loved them so much, but I also remember when she stopped making soap and those little soap balls were all used up. I had feelings about it.

Fast forward a few decades and there I was, dreaming out loud to my husband Dan about making awesome bath stuff and reminiscing about grandma’s soap. Dan encouraged me to start making soap, so I did. What began as wishful thinking turned into years of research, development, and perfection.

And guess what? I did it. That’s when Fresha Soap was born.

Not my grandma’s soap balls.

I love making awesome bath stuff. Fresha Soap is all about simple ingredients done really well.
Everything is made by hand in small batches, just for you in my tiny soap studio.

My biggest hope is for you to love these products as much as I do. I’m a real person sitting here on the other side of this screen. No mass production here, folks. It’s sort of like sitting in my grandma’s kitchen watching her make soap balls. Only better.

Only the good stuff goes into Fresha Soap products. Want to learn more about our ingredients? Click here to learn more!

Nothing makes me happier than answering questions, getting feedback, and making connections with new people.

Truly, I want to hear from all of you.

Contact us or drop me a line anytime at freshasoap <at> gmail <dot> com.

Bathe on, my lovely latherers.