Shop Update: May 2020

Shop Update: May 2020

I think it’s about time to speak up and share with you a little about why the shop is practically empty!

So, it’s been a weird couple of months for the whole world. Everything is new, nothing is certain, and we are collectively navigating through some STUFF. In the earlier days of the COVID 19 pandemic, a friend who works in healthcare asked her network of people if anyone was able to sew some face masks for her office and I stepped up to help.

As the days and weeks passed, I realized that my ability to sew was a greatly appreciated, timely skill. It became a passion project of mine. In six weeks’ time, I sewed and donated 350 face masks. While this was happening, you AMAZING PEOPLE bought almost everything I had for sale!

To say I am humbled is a massive understatement. The support from my tribe has rocked me to the core. You sent fabric. You donated to the community. You donated so I could buy more mask supplies. And you bought SO MUCH SOAP. It gets me in the feels when I think about your kindness and generosity. I have the most amazing fans ever.

That brings me to the soap (or lack thereof, in this case.) It didn’t get made while I was sewing face masks. That was a difficult, but conscious choice on my part. Helping keep my community safe was my priority and I hope that’s a choice you can stand behind, too.

It’s mid-May and I’m making soap! I’m making lip balm butter! I’m making Puck solid lotions! It’s glorious!! Soaps should be back in stock by July and everything else will be listed as soon as it’s ready. I’m so sorry it will take a while to replenish. Soap takes a long time to cure! Please know I am working hard to get you the essential awesome bath stuff you’re longing for.

Until next time friendos…
Stay Fresha, but (more importantly!) STAY SAFE!

✌️ ❤️ 🧼