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Sleep Luxe Bath Tubba Tea is the ultimate sleepytime blend of salts + skin-loving botanicals. We used some of nature’s best ingredients to help calm, relax, and prepare both mind and body for bedtime – including valerian root. What’s valerian root, you ask? Keep reading!
Here’s the tea on valerian root – it kinda stinks. However, our tea only has a hint of that infamous valerian root funk while dry. When used in the bath, it blends with the other botanicals for a light herbal fragrance. You aren’t going to come out of your bath smelling like dirty feet, I promise.
Why would we make a stinky bath tea? Because valerian root is an awesome sleep encourager and we only do awesome here. This is for those of us who need mega chill vibes. Pairs nicely with candlelight and Tibetan sound bowl music. Go get all the vibes, y’all.
Each muslin bag is hand-dyed in pale gray ombre and contains a 6 oz. cello bag filled with our mineral salt blend and one botanical bath tea bag. We kept them separate to keep all of the botanicals from floating around your bathwater. Because nobody wants to clean the tub after a bath!
How to use:  Add salts to warm bathwater. The herbal tea bag can be brewed and steeped separately for 20 minutes and then add tea to bathwater OR you can add the teabag itself right into your bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes for a restorative bath.

Botanical Benefits:

Lavender: Lovely natural scent that can soothe the mind and encourage deeper, better sleep

Chamomile: Calming antioxidant that may decrease anxiety; natural anti-inflammatory for skin issues

Rose: Astringent, antibacterial, and high in Vitamin C  (collagen-boosting) and vitamin E (moisturizing)

Passionflower: Contains Vitamin C and lycopene antioxidants and relieves anxiety; known to promote better sleep

Valerian Root: May reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve sleep quality. Has been known to induce lucid dreams.

Lemon Peel: High in citric acid (great skin exfoliator) with skin-brightening Vitamin C
Because we handmake our products in small batches, sometimes there are little differences between batches. No worries! It’s all the same good stuff. Variety is the spice of life, right?

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3 reviews for Luxe Bath Tubba Tea – Sleep

  1. Michele (verified owner)

    I suffer from horrible insomnia – this one has all sorts of botanicals to help bring on sleep. It doesn’t smell quite as pretty and floral as the lavender soak, but one can smell the lavender! This soak works twice as well to bring on a very relaxed bath time experience; aiding in a better night’s sleep. Thank you, Fresha Soap Company!!!

  2. Jennifer M. (verified owner)

    Smells heavenly. I gave as a gift to a new mom!

  3. Kristina E. (verified owner)

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