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Beard oil requested so often we named ours Free Beard. Put your lighters up, fellas. The time is here.
Free Beard Bergamot Patchouli was made especially for our beardy brethren. It’s also for folks who want to give their face a little extra love. Full of really good stuff, like argan oil, jojoba, and vitamin E to nourish beards and skin alike. By the way, those ingredients are organic. Go ahead and be as free as a beard now. *By the way, it’s only called Free Beard because of Free Bird…clever, right? It’s not actually free. You still have to buy it.
Scent: Lightly fragranced with citrusy bergamot and earthy patchouli essential oils. Certainly, this helps keep your crumb catcher a little fresher.
Fun fact: We chose amber glass to store our beard oils because amber glass blocks out UV rays, which can degrade the oils.
Our beard oils come in a generous 1 oz amber glass bottle with a handy dropper in the cap.
Like all of our products, our beard oil is handmade in small batches. A little goes a long way. Just a couple drops rubbed evenly throughout your beard, mustache, and face is all it takes. Best when used right out of the shower, but use it when you need it.
Be like Hans.*
*Hans Langseth. 1967 Record Holder, World’s Longest Beard.
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